About Me

picture of the artistWho is this wild eyed product of too much TV and comic books?

Born in an undetermined location in Massachusetts, Steve grew up weaned on the highs and lows of pop culture.  Hungry for success, he was determined to make the most of his misspent youth.  In the light of a full moon, the boy child known as Steve shook his tiny fists in the air and vowed to one day be a hipster wannabe artist adored by dozens.

Steve has been working as a professional artist for the past 19 years. Starting out as an animator for educational software for learning disabled children, Steve has done illustration for books, magazines, newspapers, websites, concert posters and t-shirts. His internet comic strip Acid Keg has been read in over 100 countries and was picked for The Webcomic Examiner’s “Best of 2004” list.

Steve resides in Burlington Vermont with his beloved wife Heather and their pesky cat.